Universe creation using Information Design Tool (IDT)

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In this document we are going to learn, Universe creation using Information Design Tool (IDT) which is one of the semantic layer tool from SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBI).

The major steps involved in universe creation are:

  1. Create new project in IDT
  2. Create Relation Connection to HANA
  3. Publish the connection to Repository
  4. Create Data Foundation
  5. Create Business Layer (Universe)
  6. Publish the Universe to Repository


Step 1: Create new project in IDT:

  • To create a new project in IDT, click on ‘Create’ → Project.


  • Give a name for the Project and click on ‘Finish’.


Step 2: Create Relation Connection to HANA:

  • Now right click on project and select ‘Relational Connection’.


  • Give the Connection Name and Click on ‘Next’.


  • Select the driver as “SAP” => SAP HANA => JDBC Driver.


  • Now click on ‘Next’ to proceed further.
  • Provide the HANA connection parameters as below and click on ‘Test Connection’.
  • Once the Test is successful, Click on finish.


  • Now we can see a.cnx connection under the new project we have created.
  • We should have a .cns (Secured) connection to publish the universe to Repository.
  • Once we publish this .cnx connection to repository, we will get .cns connection.

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  1. excellent information

  2. Subhash Chandra Kilari

    Can we create UNIVERSE using ODBC connection? If yes, whats the difference between UNIVERSE-JDBC and UNIVERSE-ODBC?

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