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Universe Creation using SAP HANA Business Layer

Hello Everyone,

Wherever we have SAP HANA as Database for Data Warehousing platform, the first thing people talk about is ‘Push Everything (calculations & data filtering) to Database’.

Let’s say we have a WEBI report running on top of universe which is built on SAP HANA model. Now this report has mandatory run-time filters and business is asking to push those filters to HANA so that data gets filtered out at database level instead of reporting level.

In this document, we are going to discuss about how to push the filters from SAP BOBI 4.1 platform to HANA with the help of variables and input parameters.

What if the SAP BOBI < 4.1?

  • Before we go through this document, is it recommended to go through the article ‘Universe creation using IDT on HANA model’ to get good understanding on upcoming steps.
  • Now if the SAP BOBI version is below 4.1, we need to create a derived table while building data foundation and map the variable and input parameters.
  • We are not going to focus much about this option in this document.

What if the SAP BOBI >= 4.1?

If the SAP BOBI version is greater than or equal to 4.1, then we have a new option called ‘SAP HANA Business Layer’ while creating universe using Information Design Tool (IDT).


What is SAP HANA Business Layer?

  • One of the major objectives of having data foundation while creating universe is to design/build the final reporting data mart/data model.
  • With SAP HANA in place we are performing all the designing work using SAP HANA virtual/information models, so technically we won’t be doing any additional modeling in data foundation expect just one to one mapping from our final HANA models (Column view from _SYS_BIC). As we are not performing any additional designing activities, SAP has given new option called ‘SAP HANA Business Layer’ while creating Universe on top of SAP HANA models.

The SAP HANA Business Layer option automatically creates a data foundation and business layer based on selected SAP HANA views. When multiple SAP HANA views are present in the data foundation, any dimensions and attributes that are common to different views are created as a single business layer object, and special aggregate-aware objects are generated to make queries on multiple views possible.

  • The other advantage with SAP HANA Business layer is it automatically detects the variables and input parameters from HANA model and maps them to universe.
  • Now let’s go ahead and see the steps needs to be followed to build a Universe using this option.


  • Let’s create a project in the local system by following the navigation ‘File’ → ‘New’ → ‘Project’.
  • Enter the project name and click ‘Finish’ to complete the project creation.



  • Please follow the steps explained in article ‘Universe creation using IDT on HANA model’ to create HANA relational and publishing it to BO repository.
  • Once the connection is published, create the universe by following navigation ‘right click on project’ → ‘New’ → ‘SAP HANA Business Layer’ as shown below.



  • Enter the technical name for Data Foundation, Business Layer (Universe Name) and description for the business layer.
  • Click ‘Next’ to proceed further.



  • Unfortunately here we will not see the .cns connection we have published to repository, please go ahead and select the .cnx connection to proceed further.

Note: If we create a universe by using .cnx connection then we cannot publish it to BO repository. So to publish the universe to repository, we will change the connection to .cns after the universe creation is completed.

  • Click ‘next’ to proceed further.


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  1. Subhasish April 5, 2017 at 4:20 PM - Reply

    Hi, Good Article, but tell me one thing is there any need to build the modelling in Universe ? rather we should model in HANA Studio itself.

    • sap student April 5, 2017 at 10:04 PM - Reply

      Hi Subhasish,

      If your source is HANA, you shouldn’t be doing any modeling at Universe level. In this article also, all we did is just one to one mapping from HANA Model to Universe as there are some BO tools that can only access Universe but not HANA View (Like Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports 2013). Fortunately from BOBI 4.2 you actually don’t need to build universe on HANA views as all the BO reporting tools can connect to HANA directly.

      SAP Student.

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