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BW Modeling tools installation in SAP HANA

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In this article, let’s see how to install BW modelling tools in SAP HANA Studio. These tools provide a new eclipse based modelling platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which helps to integrate SAP HANA modelling with BW providers(Open ODS , Composite providers etc) through a power user Interface

Before proceeding to installation, we need to prepare our system to ensure the tools run without glitches. Below are the steps to be performed  for each BW application server in which we are going to work.

  1. Implementing corrections for ABAP Development Tools
  2. Implementing corrections for BW Modeling Tools
  3. Installation requirements
  4. Establishing secure network communication
  5. Configuring profile parameters for assertion tickets
  6. Configuring BW Web services
  7. Downloading required packages from SAP Marketplace


Step 1. Implementing corrections for ABAP Development Tools: The BW Modeling Tools use framework features of the ABAP Development Tools. Therefore, you must ensure that the minimum required support package is applied and the corresponding corrections are implemented. As of BW 7.4, we need ABAP of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP5 or higher

Step 2. Implementing corrections for BW Modeling Tools: Before starting with the installation of the BW Modeling Tools, Check for mandatory corrections that must be applied on the ABAP back end system. (Check SAP notes for mandatory corrections)

Step 3. Installation requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows OS 7 (32- or 64-Bit)
  2. Java Runtime Environment (JRE):6 or higher, 32-Bit (for the 32-Bit version) or 64-Bit (for the 64-Bit version of BW Modeling Tools) to be installed on local drive. (if not, install JRE 1.6 or the latest version of the SAP Java Virtual Machine from the SAP Software Download Center on the SAP Service Marketplace)
  3. SAP HANA Studio: SAP HANA Studio SP08 or higher (due to dependencies to Eclipse 4.4)

Step 4. Establishing secure network communication: A BW project represents a real system connection on the front-end client which requires an authorized user to access the back-end system. To enable secure network connection: Add the relevant BW system to the SAP Logon Pad (if not already done) and Enable SNC for the selected system or else enable SSO.

Step 5. Configuring profile parameters for assertion tickets: Assertion tickets help to provide increased security when using the integrated SAP GUI in BW Development Tools. Instead of prompting for the password, the back-end system checks the validity of the assertion ticket before allowing the user access to system services.

Using the below settings to configure AS ABAP system issues assertion tickets only (without logon):






Step 6. Configuring BW Web services: BW Web Services must be active and accessible by HTTPS for us to be able to have data preview option enabled in BW Modeling tools.

Step 7. Downloading required packages from SAP Marketplace: For downloading required softwares, we must go to SAP software download center in SAP service marketplace.

  • Find SAP ABAP in Ecllipse (latest version)
  • Find SAP BW modelling tools(latest version preferred)
  • Download both the zipped files to local system and unzip them, to be ready for installation.

Installation Procedure:

  • Before installation, Open SAP HANA Studio and check if we have BW tools perspective with us.If not proceed with the installation process.


  • If you see, there is no perspective for our BW tools.
  • To start with the installation go to SAP service market place and download the required softwares.

3 4

  • Once downloaded, unzip the folders.


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