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  1. I want all videos realated to SAP HANA modelling

  2. I really like your video. it content is very rich and complete.

    Please it is possible to get a further discount. I am a student, and I am very interested to purchase the video.

    I will appreciate you help out

    Thanks you

    • All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.

  3. Hi SAP Student,

    At present now i am working in small company eMudhra Limited as role as Jr.Functional Analyst.
    But, i am doing SRS document Preparation as well as Manual Testing Manual GUI Testing for Web applications.

    I would like to move my career towards SAP.

    I need some valuable suggestion from you,

    where i have to do course related SAP Training in Bangalore..?
    I don’t interest to Code or Development, but I know the coding basics & SQL Database to some extent.
    Which module in SAP will be suitable for my career ?
    Whether SAP Testing is useful to do & Career Growth.
    Any Pre requisite is there before studying SAP Course?

    Kindly suggest your ideas dude.

    • Hi Raj,

      Sorry for the late reply. The module you need to choose depends on what you want to achieve in your career.

      If you would like to have more number of opportunities and high salary, then you need to choose one of the hot module in SAP.

      1) SAP HANA (one of hottest module right now in World). – Pre-requisites depends what area you choose.
      2) SAP BW on HANA – Need Data warehousing knowledge.
      3) SAP Data Services (ETL Tool) – Need data warehousing knowledge and SQL basics.

      If you choose to go for SAP HANA, then we have put together an excellent online course for SAP HANA which also covers SAP Data Services and SAP Business Objects for very less price.

      for more details look at the below url:

      You can use coupon code: RSJAN8K to get 40% discount which is going to end soon.

      Best Regards,
      SAP Student.

  4. Hi SAP Student,

    Currently I’m working in Data warehousing Environment with ETL Tools like Data stage and Informatica.

    Now, I’d like move to SAP software and very much interested in SAP HANA.

    Could you please assist me how the future will be if i change my technology to SAP.


    • Hi Venkat,

      Thank for visiting our website and we hope you found it useful.

      Coming to your question, SAP HANA is future now and definitely it is going to grow big.

      As you already have knowledge of ETL and Data Warehousing , it’s going to be pretty easy to learn SAP HANA, especially SAP HANA Modeling. SAP HANA is also big in terms of payscale 🙂

      if you are planning to learn SAP HANA, we have put together an excellent course which covers in detail about HANA modeling and other tools surrounding it. We also have quizzes after every chapter which will be enough to take certification.

      You can look at complete course content at below link:

      You can watch some of the course videos at below link if you would like to see the course quality before purchase:

      Please revert if you have any other questions.

      Have a happy learning.

      Best Regards,
      SAP Student.

  5. Hey SAP student
    I want make sure I get access to the SAP HANA server before I commit my self into this course
    because there is nothing important like practicing

  6. Hi…
    I want to know that which is the best institute for doing SAP HANA in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida.
    And is it compulsory to have industry experience first ?

  7. Hi,
    I am working on my master dissertation with sap hana and lumira for predicting football match results in epl.
    my concern here is I want to know the suitable algorithm and reference if any to go ahead with my project.

    any help will be appreciated.


  8. I want I like course for bods and hana.Pls tell me the price and duration and send me course of studies for both

  9. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase SAP HANA Complete course, I have checked the price and it is 9499/-.

    Could you please let us know if there is any discount on this price… If how to get it?


    • Hi Hari,

      We have already reduced course price to 199$/9499 INR from 299$/14999 INR. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide further discount with the quality/content for the course we are offering.

  10. I am interested to Learn ABAP on HANA

  11. Hi,
    I purchased SAP HANA course for 9499 INR, is this a monthly price or can I enjoy the whole course only for this payment.

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