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SAP Data Services – Query Transform


  • Once we press finish, the pop up disappears and the SQL is shown in the space.
  • Apply is used to check if the written code is error free.


  • Smart Editor is similar to that of functions used to build Expressions.


    • SELECT is used to specify whether to output only distinct rows discarding any identical duplicate rows.


  • FROM:
    • FROM is used to lists all Input schemas.
    • Join pairs is used to specify join pairs and their joining conditions
    • We can even mention the join rank and can set cache for each input schema.
    • The resulting SQL will be displayed in FROM clause.


  • WHERE:
    • Where is used to specify filter conditions that determines which rows are transferred to output.


  • We have to mention our conditions in SQL syntax, similar to that of a WHERE clause in a general SQL SELECT statement
  • Ex: SAL > 800 AND REGION = ‘SOUTH’
  • We can also make use of Functions, Domains, and smart editor buttons to build our expressions.




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