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Quick View screen for Modeler in SAP HANA (Part 1)

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In this article, we are going to discuss about the activities that can be performed with the help of ‘Quick View’ screen available in SAP HANA Studio modeler perspective.
This particular screen will be very helpful for modelers to perform some of import tasks easily and quickly. This screen element was used to call as ‘Quick Launch’ till SAP HANA SP8 and renamed from SAP9 to ‘Quick View’.

Note: This screen is only available when we are in ‘Modeler’ perspective of SAP HANA Studio.


How to Access Quick View screen?

  • The first thing is to make sure we are in ‘Modeler’ perspective of SAP HANA Studio.


  • Once we are in ‘SAP HANA Modeler’ perspective, click on ‘help’ in main menu and select ‘Quick View’ to see the screen as show below.


What Activities we can perform from Quick View?

Below are the list of activities that can performed from ‘Quick View’ screen.

  1. Delivery Units
  2. Generate Time Data
  3. Configure Import Server
  4. Data Provisioning
  5. Import
  6. Export
  7. Mass Copy
  8. Validate
  9. Activate
  10. Redeploy
  11. Auto Documentation
  12. Switch Ownership
  13. Change Authoring Schema
  14. Schema Mapping
  15. Maintain Package Specific Default Schema

Let’s look in detail about use of each task and how to perform them.

Because of the number activities we can do in ‘Quick View’ we have articulated them in two parts. In the Part 1, we will see the first 8 tasks and remaining 7 in second Part 2.

  • Delivery Units:

Delivery units are used to easily maintain the content transportation from one system to other in SAP HANA.

A delivery unit is a collection of one or more packages which will be transported together from one system to other. Delivery unit can be created using ‘Quick View’ screen in modeler perspective of HANA studio or using Application Lifecycle Manager (browser based application).

For complete details on delivery unit creation, please go through the article ‘Delivery Unit creation in SAP HANA’

  • Generate Time Data:

This function is used to generate time data automatically and quickly in SAP HANA itself rather loading it from different source systems. All the time data that is generated in SAP HANA will be stored in the system table residing under ‘_SYS_BI’ schema.
We can generate two type of time data in HANA, they are:

Gregorian – This data will be based on normal English calendar (January to December).Granularity for Gregorian time data can go up to seconds.

Fiscal –This is data will be based on the variants defined for fiscal calendar in source system (the SAP table required to generate fiscal time data are T009 and T009B).

The system tables that holds time data are





For step by step details about how to generate time data in HANA, please go through ‘Generate Time Data in SAP HANA’.

  • Configure Import Server:

When we need to load the data from SAP Source systems to HANA using SAP Data Services, this option will be very useful to import the table metadata directly into HANA instead of creating table structures manually in HANA.

Before we go ahead and import the tables metadata using ‘Import’ option in ‘Quick View’, we need to provide SAP Data Services system details in ‘Configure Import Server’.

How to add the system details?

Click on ‘Configure Import Server’ in ‘Quick View’ screen which gives us the screen to select the system to which we want to enter the details.

Select the system as shown in second screen and click ‘Next’. On this final screen we have to enter the below information.

               SAP Data Services system name
               Repository Name
               ODBC Data Source
               Port number


To know more details about how to import SAP ECC Tables metadata to HANA using configure import server, please go through article ‘How to Import SAP ECC tables metadata into SAP HANA’.

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    In above the following ‘Delivery Unit creation in SAP HANA’link is not working
    For complete details on delivery unit creation, please go through the article ‘Delivery Unit creation in SAP HANA’

    • Bond November 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM - Reply

      For step by step details about how to generate time data in HANA, please go through ‘Generate Time Data in SAP HANA’.
      generate time data link also not working

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