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The objective of this page is to provide complete information required to learn SAP HANA by our self. We have listed out all the content  grouped under different categories like Introdution, Overview, Data Provisioning , Modeling and so on. Each sub topic has the documents mentioned in that which provides detailed explanation about that topic.


Please do let us know in the comments or using ‘Contact Us‘ page if you are looking for a step by step document on specific topic/content.


Introduction to SAP HANA

In-memory Technology

HANA -Look & Feel

HANA Studio

Administration Perspective

Modeler Perspective

Developer Perspective

BW Modeling Tools Perspective


Architecture Overview

In-memory Computing Engine (IMCE)

Row & Column Storage

Persistent Layer

Backup & Recovery

Data Provisioning Techniques

Introduction to Data Provisioning in SAP HANA

Data Loading from Flat Files

Using Data Services

Using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation)

Using DXC (Direct Extractor Connection)

Using Smart Data Access (SDA)

Using EIM Tools (Enterprise Information Management)

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