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SAP HANA Online Course

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website and hopefully you found it useful to learn SAP HANA and other SAP Tools.

We are excited to announce that, we have released ‘SAP HANA – Complete Course for Modelers‘ which has been created by keeping modelers in our mind.

Some of our course highlights are:

1) Over 150 videos which covers more than 40+ hours of content.

2) Quiz after every chapter which will be very helpful for the people planning for certification.

3) Videos are created by the people who has real-time implementation experience of more than 4 years in SAP HANA.

4) Study material is provided for each video and sample data to practice same thing in your own system.

5) Hands on videos on 6 different data provisioning techniques, 7 different reporting tools and for every option available for modelers in SAP HANA studio.

6) No need to worry even if you see new SAP HANA release after registering for course. You will get new chapter added for every new SAP HANA release which covers new features in it for life time.

7) Have got any questions after you register for course? No need to worry instructors will be available anytime through forums inside the course to clear your doubts.

The course is available for enrollment. url for the course:

Looking for complete course content?

Please go through the details mentioned below.

Chapter 01: Introduction

  1. Challenges with Current Landscapes
  2. How SAP HANA Solves Current Challenges
  3. SAP HANA Database Architecture
  4. Data Storage in SAP HANA
  5. Types of Database Engines in SAP HANA
  6. Persistence Layer, backup and Recovery.
  7. SAP HANA History and Version

Chapter 02: Deployment Options & Implementation Use Cases

  1. SAP HANA Platform
  3. SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA
  4. SAP HANA Sidecar
  5. On-premise deployment
  6. Cloud Deployment
  7. SAP HANA Platform Licensing

Chapter 03: Components Initial Setup and Overview

  1. Introduction and downloading SAP HANA Studio and Clients
  2. Installing SAP HANA Studio and Clients
  3. SAP HANA Studio Overview
  4. Adding SAP HANA Instance in SAP HANA Studio
  5. Basic Steps – Create Schema, Table and Package in SAP HANA
  6. SAP HANA Modeler Perspective
  7. SAP HANA Administration Perspective
  8. SAP HANA Developer Perspective
  9. SAP HANA Web IDE for Modeling

Chapter 04: Data Provisioning

  1. Introduction to Data Provisioning Techniques
  2. Flat File Upload using SAP HANA Studio
  3. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
  4. SAP Replication Server (SRS)
  5. SAP Data Services
    1. Loading Data to SAP HANA using SAP Data Services
    2. Loading Data to SAP HANA using SAP Data Services from Flat Files
    3. Loading Data from SAP ECC Extractors to SAP HANA – ODP
    4. SAP Data Services-SQL and Validation Transform
    5. SAP Data Services-Case and Merge Transform
    6. SAP Data Services-Delta data load
    7. SAP Data Services-Job scheduling and management
  6. Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  7. Smart Data Access (SDA)
  8. Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
  9. Smart Data Streaming
  10. Remote Data Synchronization
  11. Data Provisioning Summary and Tool Selection

Chapter 05: SQL in SAP HANA

  1. Introduction to SQL in SAP HANA
  2. SQL Data Types
  3. JOIN Types
  4. SQL Statements
  5. SQL Functions
  6. SQL Functions for Calculated Column
  7. Calculation Engine (CE) Functions
  8. Procedures
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