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SAP HANA Reporting – Connectivity Options

Hello Everyone, Once we have data transformed based on the business requirement in our data warehousing system, it is very important to present the data in a better way visually too, for the business who will be analyzing it day in and day out. In this article, let’s talk about different reporting tools that are [...]

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Universe Creation using SAP HANA Business Layer

Hello Everyone, Wherever we have SAP HANA as Database for Data Warehousing platform, the first thing people talk about is ‘Push Everything (calculations & data filtering) to Database’. Let’s say we have a WEBI report running on top of universe which is built on SAP HANA model. Now this report has mandatory run-time filters and [...]

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Universe creation using Information Design Tool (IDT)

Hello Everyone, In this document we are going to learn, Universe creation using Information Design Tool (IDT) which is one of the semantic layer tool from SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBI). The major steps involved in universe creation are: Create new project in IDT Create Relation Connection to HANA Publish the connection to Repository Create Data [...]

By | 2016-03-22T04:31:03+00:00 July 3rd, 2015|BOBI|4 Comments
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