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SQL Statements in SAP HANA

  Hello Everyone, The first and foremost thing we will look for when we think about working on most of the databases is the syntax to perform different activities/operations in the respective database system. This is same with SAP HANA database as well. It is always best to have a simple reference guide which gives syntaxes to perform most common activities in the database like creating table, creating index, deleting data from table, drop table and so on. In separate articles, we will be covering in detail the syntax for most commonly performed SQL operations in SAP HANA database so …

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SAP HANA Reporting – Connectivity Options

Hello Everyone, Once we have data transformed based on the business requirement in our data warehousing system, it is very important to present the data in a better way visually too, for the business who will be analyzing it day in and day out. In this article, let’s talk about different reporting tools that are certified to be connected to SAP HANA Database (models and tables) from SAP and the languages and client drivers it uses to interact with the database system.

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SAP HANA – Sample Dataset

Hello Everyone, We always believe, it is easy to remember the things better when we actually work on system rather than just reading the concepts. This is one of the reason why we have created ‘Introduction to modeling in SAP HANA’ and explained the models and tables we will be using to showcase the modeling capabilities in SAP HANA. We thought it would be even better to provide you with the table structures along with the sample dataset that we had used to build our models so that everyone can practice in their respective systems.

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